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Willemsparkweg 31
1071 GP, Amsterdam

Postbus 76076
1070 EB Amsterdam

tel: 020-676 66 90
fax: 020 - 676 66 95
email: info@woudegraaf.nl

Van der Woude de Graaf Advocaten

Van der Woude De Graaf Advocaten is a highly specialized firm which covers a broad range of legal subjects. Individual clients, foundations, NGO's, independent entrepreneurs, interest groups and companies feel at home with us. All our lawyers are specialists in their own field. Ever since the establishment of our firm in 1977, our motto has been: quality legal representation at an affordable price. Because of the standard of our legal services, the Council for Legal Aid has awarded our firm with the qualification of "High Trust Law Firm".

Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your legal issue. If your legal issue needs to be dealt with by a lawyer, you may be connected (if a lawyer is available at that time) to briefly discuss your case over the phone. We do not charge a fee for such a phone call of 15 minutes maximum. You can also write an email to outline your legal issue, to our general email address info@woudegraaf.nl or to one of our lawyers directly.