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mr H.M. de Roo (Hannelou)

Specializations: Health Law and Social Security, Fundamental Rights

Hannelou de Roo specializes in social security law and in cases concerning human and fundamental rights to income, housing, food and shelter. In these cases she also covers related topcs such as housing law, juvenile law and health law.

Hannelou de Roo studied law in Groningen and international human rights law in Utrecht. She was active for the public Citizens' Advice Bureau in Haarlem, for the labour union FNV Bondgenoten and the women's rights organisation Clara Wichmann Institute. Subsequently, she was called to the bar in 2005.

Hannelou is a member of the Association of Specialist Social Security Lawyers and of the Netherlands Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights.

Please contact Hannelou de Roo via email: deroo@woudegraaf.nl

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