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Immigration law

Specialisten: mr M.L. van Leer, mr dr J.P.W. Temminck Tuinstra, mr drs. C.J. Ullersma en mr S.J. van der Woude

Immigration law refers to national, European and international laws and policies controlling immigration to a country. Immigration law is related to nationality law, which governs the legal status of people, in matters such as citizenship and access to certain national facilities.

Our immigration lawyers handle all legal aspects of immigration to the Netherlands - everything from entering, or settling in the Netherlands to work, to study or set up your own business - to settling in the Netherlands with a partner or bring a family member to the country. We also offer advice to immigration detainees who have been unlawfully detained.

In all these areas we have a broad knowledge and experience to draw on when coming up with the best solution to your questions and problems. We aim to offer you the most efficient, sympathetic and cost-effective service.

Our services include

* Litigation before the immigration administrative tribunal and higher courts
* Business immigration and highly skilled workers
* Applications for businesses wanting to employ overseas nationals
* European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) migration
* Family reunion for spouses, civil partners, co-habitees, children, elders and all other relatives
* Applications for students, temporary and seasonal workers and au pairs
* Removal or deportation
* Immigration audit for people who want to immigrate and prepare for the future
* Citizenship & nationality applications
* The rights of migrant children

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